What Are the documents Required By a Construction Equipment Shipper in USA for Export Shipments?

When it comes to the transport of material by construction equipment shipper in USA it is solely his responsibility to submit a list of essential documents that are required by the officials in the United States as well as by the ones in the country of destination. It is important to first understand that the final title of the consignment is the bill of lading which clearly states that in case of discrepancies the carrier or the international freight company is no way responsible for the lack or errors in the documents provided by the shipper.

The following section lists out the essential documents that have to be submitted by the construction equipment shipper in USA to the concerned transport company for a successful delivery:

The Bill of Lading is issued by the transport company to the construction equipment shipper in USA once the shipment is booked and includes information about the ETD (Estimated Time of Departure), ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), sea route apart from the consignor’s and consignee’s details.

Also known as a Valued Packing List (VPL), the Commercial invoice is a very important document which includes a complete description of all the construction equipments that are being shipped. According to the United States international shipping regulations, a Commercial Invoice of a construction equipment shipper in USA should include the exact value of the construction equipments being shipped, Identification proof and contact details of the shipper, the complete details of the consignee as well as the volume and weight of the total equipments being shipped.

A construction equipment shipper in USA is also required to give a complete break up of all the equipments that are being shipped as well as the number of boxes and weight of the packing material. A Cleanliness Document should also be attached to the commercial invoice certifying that the construction equipments have been cleaned from dirt and are completely free of infestation.

There are also some other documents that should be checked by a construction equipment shipper such as the North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (N.A.F.T.A.), a Packing Declaration for the export of Dangerous Goods and hazardous materials as well as certificates issued by the F.D.A. and U.S.D.A. which can be required depending upon the destination countries legal and environmental norms.

A thorough knowledge of documents will help you in shipping of your construction equipment without problems and you can confidently negotiate with your shipping agent / company.