How to Import Power Boats from USA

To import power boats from USA, you must hire a professional shipping company. Basically you must make sure that the shipping company is authorized to do so, whether it provides coverage of insurance as part of their commercial insurance policy and deals with customs issues. You can find all this information online as most companies have their own websites. You must decide on the companies based on quality of service and prices charged.

To import power boats from USA, pick a marina or boatyard at the point of departure that has a 14’ clearance so that branches and wires do not block your boat shipping. Take photos before dismantling the boat so that its reassembly is done easily after it is delivered. You must make some preparations before the transporter makes the Condition Report. But what preparations are need to be done?

Following preparations must be made before shipping:

+ Remove all personal items, take care of all loose gear below and above deck, close and secure all hatches by tying and taping them, seal them if they are leaking to avoid water damage;
+ Latch and tape from outside all cabin windows, drain all water and fuel tanks, detach any drain plugs from the hull, drain all air conditioners, water systems and pumps of water to avoid damage during winter;
+ Remove the battery connections and secure cables;
+ Any external accessories protruding past the hull must be separated, packed and stored away;
+ Any valuable electronics from the deck must be removed and stored in the cabin;

+ Secure on board and pad up well any large structure like a dinghy. In case a fly bridge or a radar arch measures more than 13 feet and 6 inches, they must be padded and secured to the boat. Shipping companies are not responsible for damage of these items, so secure everything below and lock the cabin;
+ Remove any covers of the boat. Shrink-wrap is your choice however, it can rip and damage your boat. Shipping companies are not answerable for any damage caused by shrink-wrap.
+ To lubricate a wooden boat during transport, coat it with linseed oil.

To import power boats from USA, use the services of a professional company which will give you the best quotation and service. The company will also guide and help you to make necessary preparation of boat before shipping.