Preparations Needed To Move Sailboats To South America

If you need to move sailboats to South America you will need to contact a shipping company and arrange for the shipping process. You will also need to prepare the sailboats for transport, and this step is crucial if you want the boats to arrive in the same condition they were loaded in. Before doing any preparations on the boat the first thing you should do is determine how much marine insurance coverage you will need, just in case something happens. Most shippers have only a small liability amount, so marine insurance can be essential to protect your boat value.

The next step to move sailboats to South America is to prepare the boats for shipping. This includes:

+ Taping shut any cabinets and drawers
+ Taping all windows, doors, and hatches closed
+ Removing any attached accessories, such as antennas and other additions
+ Remove any personal items and valuables
+ Tape down or secure any item that could possibly move during shipment
+ Inspect the interior and exterior of the boat for any damages
+ Take pictures of all areas of the boat. This will help prove any damage if it does occur
+ Remove any windshields if possible
+ Shrink wrap the boat if necessary for protection

When preparing to move sailboats to South America make sure the boats are completely empty. This will minimize the weight, and the shipping charges that you incur. You also need to make sure that all of your documentation and any required certificates or permits are correct and in a safe place. You will need these documents during the shipping process.