Preparations Needed To Move Travel Trailer Overseas

If you need to move travel trailer overseas there are some steps that you will need to take to make sure the process goes smoothly without unnecessary delays. And that your travel trailer arrives at the destination safely, in the same condition, and without any damage. The international shipping company you choose can help you with any questions you may have for your trailer shipping, and there are some common factors involved with any international vehicle transport.

The preparations taken to move travel trailer overseas needs to include being aware of the specific customs regulations for the destination country of the travel trailer. Different countries may require different documentation. Some common documentation required for most countries includes:

** The original title
** The Bill of Sale
** Registration papers
** Photo identification for the registered owners
** Receipts for newly installed equipment or components

Before you start the process to move travel trailer overseas it is important that the vehicle is properly cleaned and prepared for shipping. Some countries require a Certificate of Cleaning, a Certificate of Fumigation, or both before any vehicle may be released from Customs.

Before shipping you should take certain precautions while preparing the travel trailer. These steps include:

++ Remove any propane bottles and any other containers with flammable or hazardous materials from the travel trailer
++ Remove any loose items that may shift during shipping to prevent damage
++ Remove any antennas and other projecting equipment
++ Tape all doors and windows shut to prevent them from opening during the vehicle transport
++ Remove any personal belongings or valuables from the travel trailer