Moving Farm Equipment through Ocean Transport

Moving farm equipment through ocean transport is the best and the safest medium of transportation for heavy equipments like farm tractors. There are just few steps to keep in mind while planning to ship across your farm equipment.

The first step involves choosing the right transport company. The one that specializes in shipping farm equipments would give you the best deal and handle the equipment with expertise. Once you have selected a company ask them about procedures and documents that are required to ship across these equipments to other countries.

Carrying farm equipment through ocean transport requires immaculate paperwork. Different countries have different rules. Therefore, ask the shipping company about local rules and regulations. Inquiring about the delivery point is also crucial. Some companies only deliver until the nearest ocean port and some until the doorstep.

The next question that you need to ask the transporters is the method which they use in moving farm equipment through ocean transport. Farm equipments like farm tractor is a heavy unit and requires special hauling techniques like roll on-roll off. This method is safer than conventional container carriers or towing the vehicle.

While preparing for transportation give yourself and the company at least three weeks in advance so that all formalities are complete in time. The driver that picks up the farm equipment from the customers place should note down any scratches, graze on the vehicle, and make a report on it that should be verified and signed by you.

Apart from this, it is important that you disconnect any batteries and keep your fuel tank only to 1/4th of its capacity. Finally, check all locks and containers that contain any liquid or fluid and seal it tightly.