Choosing The Right Ocean Export Shipper For Boats

One of the most important decisions you can make when transporting a boat is your choice of ocean export shipper for boats. The wrong choice could cost you time, aggravation, and even damage to your boats. The shipper you choose should be knowledgeable and experienced in transporting boats internationally, and have an excellent reputation with no complaints lodged against the company.

When evaluating any possible ocean export shipper for boats you should also look at all of the shipping methods available when using that shipper. Some companies offer all types of shipping methods possible regardless of size or weight considerations, while others may only offer one or two options for shipping your boat.

Price is also important with any ocean export shipper for boats that you choose, but this may not be the most important factor involved. If your boat is large or fairly expensive you may want to pay for additional marine insurance, because most shippers do not have any liability above a certain amount. Check to see exactly what the liability limits are for each possible shipper to determine if extra marine insurance will be needed.

Any ocean export shipper for boats that adds additional fees for generating paperwork should be viewed with caution. Some shipping companies may try to charge a fee for creating the required paperwork and documentation, such as the shipping bill of lading or other paperwork which is legally required from any shipper. You should not be expected to pay for documents that the law requires a shipping or transport company to provide. This may be a clue that the shipper is not completely upfront and ethical.