Prepare for International Boat Shipping

Shipping a boat across the world is no easy task. Hence you need to hire a professional company to do the task. How good the condition of a boat is when it reaches its destination depends on how you have prepared it for shipping. Securing all details will help protect your boat while being transported. Also you need to ascertain its condition before shipping so that you have no complaints when it reaches its destination.

Preparing the boat: Service providing companies are usually not responsible for damages suffered during travel and loading preparations. So you must prepare the boat yourself or get it done by a qualified boat yard. It is also good to have the boat inspected by a marine surveyor. You must be prepared for pickup of your boat before the arrival of the transporter. Be sure to spend some time as it may take over a day. Being prepared early is good in case transporter arrives early due to any reason.

Choose a Port: While international boat shipping pick a boat yard or marina for loading which has a 14’ clearance so that wires and tree branches will not be a hassle as you load your boat. In case your agent and you have not picked a marina for the drop-off location, you can request for a boat yard in the destination area which also has 14’ clearance.

Condition report: Once you have decided for international boat shipping it is wise to take photos while dismantling any part of your boat so that you have a reference to check when you reassemble your boat after it is delivered. You should also take away all personal objects from the boat. Clean the exterior of the boat and note any damages. Keep a note of any problems detected and take photos of all minor and major damages. The driver or transporter will make another Condition Report but it is good to be prepared with details before he arrives.

Thus preparing the boat in advance for pick-up, choosing a 14’ clearance port and a condition report prepared yourself will be highly beneficial in your international boat shipping task.