Price To Ship Travel Trailer To Australia

Calculating the price to ship travel trailer to Australia can involve a number of different factors. There are numerous variables which can affect the shipping costs and other expenses involved, and it is important to calculate all of the costs when trying to find a total price for the project.

Variables which may affect the price to ship travel trailer to Australia can include:

+ The shipping company used
+ Trailer size
+ Trailer weight
+ Trailer volume
+ The specific shipping destination in Australia
+ Any special handling requirements

Additional fees and expenses which may be incurred and are part of the total price to ship travel trailer to Australia can include:

+ Marine insurance to cover the total value of the travel trailer
+ Import permit fees
+ Duty taxes
+ VAT taxes
+ Any pick up or delivery fees
+ Dock fees and charges for loading and unloading
+ Any applicable port fees
+ Customs charges
+ Any document fees charged

Another cost can involve the fumigation and cleaning of the travel trailer. Australian imports must have a cleaning certificate for customs and quarantine, and without this certificate your travel trailer may not be released by customs.

It is very important that you obtain a vehicle import approval permit before you arrange for your travel trailer to be shipped. This approval can take 3-4 weeks, and if this approval is not received when your trailer arrives it may not be delivered or could even be sent back. This could mean a significant additional cost for you. Permit fees and charges will need to be added to the price to ship travel trailer to Australia.