The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Roll-On Roll-Off Boat Transportation

There are a number of methods which can be used to transport boats, and one of these is roll-on roll-off boat transportation. This method offers both advantages and drawbacks, and is not ideal for every boat because of certain size limitations, but it is one of the most common methods used for boat shipping.

A trailer, or a cradle attached to a trailer, is used to hold the boat. The trailer is simply towed onto the ship, secured for transport in the ship interior, and then towed off again when the destination is reached. No additional equipment is needed, and there is no forklift or crane used to move the boat.

Some advantages of roll-on roll-off boat transportation include:

+ Towing means little or no handling, and this greatly lowers the risk of damage.
+ The boat is transported inside the ship and protected from the elements and inclement weather
+ No need to measure the container size because no container is used
+ Secure transportation with no boat movement or shifting along the way

Roll-on roll-off boat transportation also has some drawbacks as well though. These include:

+ Size limits, so this method can not be used with large yachts or other bigger boats
+ A higher cost, because the price for shipping is based on total volume and this amount includes the trailer volume as well as that of the boat
+ Detachable equipment and personal items must be removed before shipment, unlike container shipping
+ A higher risk of theft from your boat, especially electronic equipment and small things which can be easily removed and hidden