Custom Requirements To Ship A Yacht From USA To Australia

There are certain custom requirements which must be met when you ship a yacht from the USA to Australia. If these requirements are not met your yacht may not be able to to ship from USA or to be released from Customs or allowed in Australian waters. Before you ship it is important to understand the Australian regulations and requirements where customs is concerned.

There are some documents and verifications that may be required to ship a yacht from USA to Australia. These can usually include:

** A bill of lading, which is normally supplied by the shipping company that transports the yacht internationally:

** The original yacht title, or a clear copy that is readable, proving ownership of the vessel

** The Bill of Sale, showing when and from whom the yacht was purchased

** Other proof of the yacht value if the importer has owned the boat for some time, or a bill of sale is not available

** Either a copy of the passport or driver’s license of the yacht owner

** Registration papers for the yacht

A certificate of steam cleaning and an import certificate may also be required to ship a yacht from USA to Australia in some cases. The best way to determine exactly what documentation is needed is to contact either the Australian customs agency or the American embassy in Australia if you are not sure what documentation will be needed.

Most of the time the international shipping company you use will be able to help you determine if all the necessary documentation is in place. They will also file the export declaration in USA and provide marine insurance certificate if requested. It is important that this is done before the yacht is shipped, so there are no delays in releasing your boat from Australian customs once it arrives.