Shipping Camping Trailers USA to Middle East

The United States is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles in the world with some of the top companies such as Airstream, Keystone, Gulf Stream, Fleetwood, Coachmen and Four Winds leading in producing as well as shipping camping trailers USA to Middle East. Whilst the transportation of these campers does not involve a very complicated process it is very important to be aware of the general U.S customs requirements that have to be followed during the shipping of camping trailers.

For the convenience of those of you who are interested in shipping camping trailers USA to Middle East listed below are the general custom requirements that need to be followed during the booking, boarding, shipping as well as delivery of your vehicle through ocean freight:

1. When shipping camping trailers USA to Middle East, the customs regulations in the U.S require you to carry along the original title as well as its three photocopies which have to be submitted at the time of departure from the port of origin.

2. If the camper has any liens on it then the owner has to produce a notarized certificate from the loaning party giving him the sanction to export the vehicle.

3. In case the vehicle’s owner is unable to show up at the port on departure time, then a power of attorney needs to be issued to the company that has been hired for shipping camping trailers or the individual representative who will be present at the shipping time and venue.

4. On reaching the destination, the original title of the vehicle needs to be shown to the Middle East customs authority as well.

5. In case you are shipping a new camper to the Middle East then the recipient should also posses the bill of sale at the time of receiving his consignment at the destination port.

6. Another important factor to be ensured is that in case you are shipping camping trailers USA to Middle East in containers then the vehicle as well as its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) should be easily accessible to the custom officers during the loading process.

In order to make sure that your camper meets all the customs requirements at the origin as well as at the destination port it is very important to hire a quality company which has considerable experience in shipping camping trailers USA to Middle East.