Shipping Jet-Skis Overseas In Containers through Online Transport Companies

The process of shipping jet-skis overseas in containers is by far the most cost effective way to transport your water equipment to any desired destination in the world. At present there are a large number of companies available on the internet that offer quality export services of sports equipment through international ocean cargo vessels. In the following section we will take you through the seven basic steps through which you can easily transport your jet skis overseas.

The eight basic steps of shipping jet-skis overseas in containers through transport companies and agents:

1. Book your shipment online – To begin the process of shipping jet-skis overseas in containers you first need to log onto the shipping company’s website and schedule the shipment online or take the help of a shipping agent. Apart from specifying various details like the desired date and place of delivery you will be required to state the precise volume and weight of your jet-skis. Once you have submitted your shipment request you will receive a reference number of you shipment through email.

2. Make a security deposit – Once you have received a confirmation email from the shipping company you will be requested to deposit a percentage of the shipping costs beforehand, the payment of which can be easily done online. All these things can be taken care of by your shipping agent as well.

3. Receive shipping instructions – The next step begins with you receiving a set of instructions on the process of shipping jet-skis overseas in containers. The shipping instructions will mainly contain your reference number as well as the booking number and contact details of the carrier, and sailing specifications including the estimated time of departure and arrival.

4. Submit your documents online – Once you have gone through the instructions for shipping jet-skis overseas in containers you have to fill in some online documents including the commercial invoice, dock receipts and the valued packing list.

5. Deliver your shipment – Once the documentation is processed you can either arrange to get your equipment picked up or deliver it to the shipping terminal.

6. Do invoice payment – On the receipt of your cargo, the online shipping equipment will mail you their invoice which will have to be paid by you after deducting the security deposit.

7. Receive your lading bill – Now that your cargo has departed, you will be sent a bill of lading which will basically specify the contact details of the cargo’s destination station as well as the details of the agent.

8. Collect the consignment – You will be notified through email about the estimated time of arrival of your cargo and can accordingly receive your consignment from the destination port.

You should also note that when you are shipping jet-skis overseas in containers through an online shipping company you are not required to be present at the destination port for receiving your cargo. If you wish your destination agent can easily get your consignment released as well as delivered to your home.