Measuring Boat for Worldwide Boat Shipper

If you intend to ship your boat, get in touch with a professional worldwide boat shipper. You also have to make sure that you properly measure the boat to estimate cost of transport.

While choosing a worldwide boat shipper, choose one with experience, authority and required equipment. You must choose carefully so that your boat reaches its destination without damage. The cost of transportation of a boat is partially determined by measuring your boat (including the size of the trailer). Hence, it is vital that you give the exact dimensions when you hire a transporter. Even if you have a manufacturer’s manual, you need to take fresh measurements of your boat.

You must measure the following details:

Total Length: It is measured from center of stern (or the trailer tongue) to tip of the bow. You must include swim platforms, bow pulpits, length of the motors, motor brackets and length of out-drives in a lifted position.

Total Height: It is measured from tallest non-removable parts of the sail boats to bottom of the keels.

Beam is estimated at the widest extent of the boat including rub rail.

Less than 13’6” is the legal height of the boat. Suppose this is not possible, there are other options to be discussed with your service provider which will imply slower travel on routes that are non-interstate. Suppose your boat is over 8’ 6” wide, it will necessitate an oversize permit for load while transporting. A boat that is above 12’ wide will need a certified escort that may add to your loading charges.

While measuring a sail boat for transport by a worldwide boat shipper, special care needs to be taken as the sails require to be dissembled to fit requirements of height. Also consult with the world wide boat shipper regarding loading of a sail boat as the keel may interfere with the trailer’s structure.

The cost of transporting a boat depends on its measurements. While measuring a boat attention must be paid to the total, length, height and beam of the boat.