Camper Trailer Shipping USA to Australia is Uncomplicated

Camper trailer shipping USA to Australia can be done in an economical and efficient way if you know the technicalities related to it. A lot depends on the kind of camper trailer you are shipping, is it an On-road, Off-road or rough road trailer. It is imperative that you know the weight and size of the trailer.

Usually overall trailer mass which is total weight of camper (the tent) and trailer together totals to 1000kgs to 1500kgs for un-braked trailers and 2000kgs to 4000kgs for braked trailers. A size of the trailer varies from 14’ to 40′, based on weight and size delivery price is quoted.

Camper trailer shipping USA to Australia can be a daunting task if an inexperienced shipping company is hired as it involves lot of formalities. While transporting the camper trailer internationally you would majorly require stamped copies of original documents of campers that include year, model and make and originals papers also required for verification. License plate – this can be availed from the shipping company at extra cost or from the dealer.

Apart from this, while considering camper trailer shipping USA to Australia it is imperative to get a marine insurance and assert that shipping company handles not only the transport of trailer from USA to Australia but also other aspects like custom clearance, dock movement and internal road movement.

Lastly, critical question for the transporters should be how the camper would be placed within the carrier, do they use a roll-on roll-off technique, tow or put it on a flat bed. Roll on-Roll off and Flat bed are best options as there is minimum wear and tear possibility, however they may cost extra.

Once you are aware of the terms related to camper trailer shipping USA to Australia you will be in a better position to negotiate with the shipper.