Calculating The Total Cost To Ship A Boat Internationally

The cost to ship a boat internationally can vary widely, depending on numerous factors involved. When calculating this cost it is important that you include all of the expenses involved, so you can arrive at a total cost for transport. Naturally, the bigger boat you have – the more it’s going to cost to ship it. Some of the expenses that will be involved in the cost to ship a boat internationally include:

+ Loading costs
+ Shipping costs
+ Unloading costs
+ Customs fees
+ The cost for any required certifications, such as cleaning or fumigating
+ The cost of any damage if the boat is shipped in a container
+ Any truck transport fees, both at the departing and arrival destinations
+ Any equipment fees, such as cradle and crane costs for large yachts if these expenses are not covered in the quote given by the shipping company
+ Any import taxes, fees, or surcharges required by the destination country

If you save money on the shipping and transport costs, but end up with damage to the vessel, then you did not really see savings and may end up with aggravation instead. It is advisable to use a single shipping company with a reputation for quality to cover the entire shipping process. This ensures that one company handles every aspect, so there is no confusion over who is responsible for what or any extra costs not originally calculated.

When evaluating the cost to ship a boat internationally make sure that all of the expenses involved are included. Additional expenses, such as import fees and customs charges, can add up to a significant amount in some cases. It is better to make sure you have all of the costs included from the beginning, to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on when the boat arrives at the destination.