How to Transport Travel Trailer Overseas

Transporting a travel trailer overseas could be an easy task if you know the technical details related to it. A trailer has a bumper pull-hitch which ranges in size. The travel trailer is usually 8.6 feet wide and up to 45 feet long. If a trailer is over 28 feet long, it must be towed with a ¾ ton pick up truck. Let us see how we can transport a travel trailer overseas.

Travel trailers in US are classified as RV (Recreational Vehicles) along with pop-up trailers, fifth wheel trailers, truck campers and motor homes. Pop-ups are usually less than 18 feet long and have simple features and can be towed by small cars. Example is the Play Pac which can be hauled by a small car. Mid range trailers are 18 to 25 feet long weighing about 5000 pounds or more and can be towed by pick up trucks. Larger travel trailers range from 25 to 40 feet, come loaded with amenities and are towed with highway tractor or large trucks or SUV’s.

Transport Travel Trailer: To transport travel trailer overseas, one may use the services of a shipping company / agency. The agency will pick up the trailer from private home, dealership, online auction, Ebay seller, manufacturer or storage facility and deliver the trailer at any overseas port. They take care of all export regulations and paperwork in USA, arrange for all shipping documents and even provide marine insurance for overseas shipping.

Key Elements: There are two key elements during transport travel trailer overseas. First, you are moving a travel trailer which has requirements different from a truck or a car. Secondly you are shipping it overseas to foreign countries which may have requirements different from the U.S.

But there is no need to worry as transport travel trailer overseas has been successfully done by shipping companies with experience and enterprising individuals. The key thing to do is to provide a generous lead time for making plans and to get all documentation in order. Companies experienced in shipping are aware that the process requires time and patience.

Fraudulent offers: One must be careful not to deal with shipping companies that have offers that are over the top. You must realize that no company can deliver your travel trailer in 1 to 2 weeks or deliver it in sound condition after a few days. The truth is that it usually takes several weeks of planning to take care of dock fees, insurance, registration, import costs and customs schedules.

Careful Planning: To transport travel trailer overseas, careful planning must be completed. You must contact the vehicle service agency abroad to make sure how the travel trailer can be transported over land from the port. This is to make sure that your trailer has all features to make it legal to function in the foreign country. Licensing, lighting, breaks and hitch arrangements will vary in foreign countries. Make sure that your tax and registration documents are in order. Also it would be good to go through excellent websites on transport travel trailer overseas.

So go ahead and get the best quotes on transport travel trailer overseas and relax while your travel trailer is delivered securely overseas through one of the best shipping company.