How To Move Heavy Equipment Internationally

Determining how to move heavy equipment internationally is not something that every shipping company can handle. Some shippers only handle cars and small vehicles, as well as other small or average sized items, and are not equipped for handling heavy machinery which comes with special considerations. If you need to move your heavy equipment overseas make sure you choose a shipping company that knows how to do this effectively.

There are a number of methods that can be used when determining how to move heavy equipment internationally. The ideal shipping method used will depend on the specific machinery being transported. Smaller equipment may be shipped in a container, which may hold a single piece or multiple items in the same container. Heavy equipment may also be shipped using roll on roll off vessels if size allows.

For larger equipment that can not use RORO or container methods it may be necessary to pay for equipment to lift your heavy machinery on and off the vessels. For extremely large or heavy equipment it is also possible to charter a vessel to meet your shipping needs. This can be done solely to carry your equipment, or it can be arranged so that any extra space on the vessel is filled and the cost is somewhat less to you.

A qualified shipping company will know how to move heavy equipment internationally, and can help you achieve this goal without any problems or delays. Whether you are shipping one piece of equipment or a whole fleet there are methods which can minimize your expenses. Marine insurance is a wise move as well, because many shipping companies have limited liability for any damage and heavy equipment can have a very high value.