How International Motorhome Shipping Quotes Are Calculated

International motorhome shipping quotes can help you determine the best company to take care of your RV or trailer shipping needs. Understanding how these quotes are calculated, and what is included in each quote, is essential. One important note is that the price given in a shipping quote may not be the total cost, because other fees and expenses may be required depending on the destination country.

Almost all international motorhome shipping quotes created today are done using specialized software. The shipping company enters all of your shipment information into the program, and a customized shipping quote is created. The quote you receive should cover each detail involved in the shipping process, and list each service or charge that is included.

Some shipping companies may charge additional fees to prepare the export forms and other paperwork required, while others include this service as part of their business without any fees involved. The international motorhome shipping quotes you receive may not have the total shipping cost, because there may be additional charges once your motorhome has arrived at the destination.

The shipping quote should have a breakdown of all the charges and the services provided under the shipping agreement. Anything that is not specifically listed is not included in the shipping price being quoted. The volume of your vehicle and the distance being shipped are the two biggest costs in the shipping quote.

Factors which affect the cost of international motorhome shipping quotes:

The volume of the motorhomes being shipped
The distance of the shipment
The shipping method used, for example container shipping or rack shipping
The freight class of your shipment
Special requirements for loading, unloading, or handling
Whether the items shipped are fragile or hazardous
The density of the shipment
Insurance coverage chosen for your shipment
Any pick up or delivery of your motorhome
Any warehouse costs
Any documentation costs
Certain fees and taxes in some cases