Preparations Needed For Shipping A Motorhome To Europe

Shipping a motorhome to Europe involves extensive planning and some very important preparations, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, there are no delays in the shipping process, and your motorhome arrives in the same condition without any damage. There are some special preparations that must be done before your motorhome starts the shipping process, to minimize the risk of damage and theft and ensure a smooth and uneventful journey.

Before shipping a motorhome to Europe you will need to prepare the vehicle. This includes:

+ Removing personal items and any valuables
+ Remove any propane tanks, as well as any other hazardous materials
+ Take off all antennas, attached rooms such as porches, and any other removable exterior attachments
+ Either remove or securely tape any items which are attached to interior walls, including mirrors and pictures
+ Properly secure any lose items in the motorhome using tape, rope, or another method
+ All exterior windows and doors should be taped shut or tied down to prevent movement during transport
+ Interior doors, drawers, and windows also need to be taped securely shut

There are other considerations when shipping a motorhome to Europe as well. You should have the vehicle inspected to ensure all the safety equipment works properly. A fluid check should be performed, and any needed fluids added before shipping. The braking system, lights, and other systems should also be thoroughly checked and evaluated.

Make sure you know what the shipping temperatures will be during the vehicle transport. If the motorhome will be exposed to freezing temperatures you may need to drain any water in the radiator and certain other systems and replace it with antifreeze, to prevent any problems on delivery.