How to Safely Move Large Yachts Internationally

If you are looking up a suitable transport company that can move large yachts internationally then it is extremely important to do some homework before shipping out your mega boat.

The section below will list out some of the vital aspects that should be taken into consideration when hiring a suitable transport company for shipping large sized yachts:

Get multiple quotes – Before you decide on a suitable transport company get quotes from all the leading shippers in your area who specialize in the shipping of mega yachts. Make sure that you clearly list your departure, the destination point as well as the size of your yacht in order to get a more or less accurate cost estimate.

Decide on the most experienced shippers – Once you have compared the quotes, carry out a background check on the suitable companies and zero in on the one that has the longest experience as well as a sound track record of timely and safe delivery of mega yachts.

Get your documents in place – Before you register with a company that can move large yachts internationally you will require all the official ownership documents of your yacht. Therefore make sure that you have all the data and papers in place before getting in touch with the shipping company.

Prepare your yacht – It is important to carry out a thorough checkup of your boat before it is picked up for shipment. Amongst other things, make sure that the hatches are secured tightly, the body including the railings and woodwork is covered as well as the batteries are drained out.

Be on site for loading as well as delivery – The last thing to make sure is to be there when your yacht is being loaded onto the cargo as well as ensure that you or a suitable representative is present at the destination to receive the delivered boat.

Following the above guidelines will help you in hiring a suitable transport company that can safely as well as efficiently move large yachts internationally.