International Heavy Equipment Shipping

Heavy equipments are not easy to handle and inexperienced shipping company can make the international heavy equipment shipping a nightmare. It is crucial to understand certain shipping, import and export terminologies to avoid any eventualities. Usually heavy equipments like Backhoes, Wheel Loaders, Bobcats, Bulldozers, Mobile drilling rigs, Paving machines, Cranes, Scrapers, etc. are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Due to their weight and size, international heavy equipment shipping is a specialized task. Only shipping companies that are licensed and experienced in handling such equipments should be hired. Although it is a critical task to transport them (other than a few exceptions) majority of regular export and import rules and regulations are analogous to transporting heavy equipment.

As these equipments are extremely bulky, no matter how much care one takes there are bound to be abrasions. Therefore, availing marine insurance is imperative. Apart from taking marine insurance you should also insure the equipment for door to door delivery to avoid any losses. Other than this, many shipping companies offer a peculiar insurance for heavy equipments. This insurance particularly takes care of any scratches and scuffs developed while loading and unloading the equipment from the carrier.

While considering international heavy equipment shipping various aspects should be contemplated. Most important is documents, besides dock receipts and bills of lading, heavy equipments shipping to other countries require special and extra documents like letter of credit, legalization documents in departure and arrival countries and shipper export declaration certificate.

Another vital procedure is the immaculate packing, unitization, crating, containerization and loading technique, which could vary from conventional containers, roll on-roll off and loading via chartered vehicles. To carry out such heavy yet critical equipments it is best to know correct rules & regulations and contact the right shipping company. They can advise you on the best way to get your machine from USA to other country based on the machine size, weight and the ports of origin and destination.